November 1, 2010

6 Thank You, Classic Movie Blog Association

THE MOVIE PROJECTOR has received two CiMBA awards from the Classic Movie Blog Association for excellence in classic movie blogging for the 2010 awards year. This is the first year the awards have been given. One award was for Best Film Review (Comedy or Musical) for the review of Love Me Tonight. The second award was for Best Classic Movie Article for "The Best Fred Astaire Musicals Without Ginger Rogers."

I want to thank all the members of CMBA for these awards. I consider this a real honor and am truly grateful. To maintain a movie blog of any kind requires considerable effort, and the recognition I've received for my work in classic movie blogging is a tremendous encouragement to continue with my efforts.

I want to point out how proud I am to be a member of CMBA, an organization with a genuine commitment to fostering quality writing in its field. I'd also like to point out how fine all the nominated posts in all the categories were and to encourage anyone not yet familiar with the great work done by CMBA bloggers to check out the list of nominees. And I'd like to encourage anyone writing a classic movie blog to consider applying for membership. For more information about CMBA, you can find a link to the organization's website in my Blogroll in the sidebar.

Finally, I'd like to offer my congratulations to all the other nominees and winners of the first ever CiMBA awards.

Click here for the complete list of awards.


  1. Congratulations, Mr. Finch! THE MOVIE PROJECTOR is a superb classic movie blog, full of insightful reviews and thoughtful articles. It certainly deserved the awards that it won.

  2. Well deserved R.D. The Movie Projector is one of the finest and most insightful blogs going.

  3. Congratulations! Yours is one of the most interesting and well-written classic film blogs around.

  4. Thank you all for such kind comments. Your comments and the awards are real incentives for me to keep at it.

  5. Much deserved accolade here!